Blue Rocket Sales Testimonial
Roe Astuto and Farrel Freeman Owners of LUSH PUPPY in the Mandalay Bay Hotel on the Las Vegas Strip

With our limited experience in both the pet and retail world, Blue Rocket Sales was integral to the launch and ongoing success of our store. Now with three years under our belt, Camilla’s passion and progressive ideas have never waned…in fact, we are no longer surprised to find emails from her about our business at 6am that were written while we slept!. Camilla combines her creative talents and her many years of tactical experience in the pet industry, to provide our business with resources that are simply invaluable. Camilla is the predominant distributor of our merchandise, the creative force behind LUSH PUPPY’s customized dog mannequins, and our strategic counselor. Camilla and Blue Rocket Sales have managed to create the perfect balance…keeping our business competitive and successful while never losing touch with why we love being in the pet industry.



Blue Rocket Sales Testimonial
Mike and Lauren Owners of Dogadillo in Austin, Texas

Dogadillo is a family owned and operated pet boutique that opened in November of 2007. Since this was our first store and we were coming from backgrounds in industries other than retail, we knew we needed help getting started. Upon a recommendation by a vendor at Super Zoo, we met with Camilla Vitale of Blue Rocket Sales and instantly felt a rapport and that we could work together to create the store we had envisioned.

Camilla was able to save us many headaches and much time through ratings of various vendors, creative store display ideas and products, sources for custom and private labeled products and helping get through all the myriad of problems associated with opening a new venture. Our family would have been able to get the store open, but not as timely and not with the same quality products, creative displays, and fulfillment of our original dream without the help and advice provided by Camilla.

We still enjoy our working relationship with Camilla today and alleviate many of the daily stress factors by having her deal with placing our orders and communicating with the vendors when a problem occurs as well as continuing to be a valuable resource for new products and upcoming trends. Dogadillo has benefitted greatly by working with Camilla and Blue Rocket Sales and would recommend an association to anyone planning to open a new store in the pet industry.

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