Giving Back

I want to take a moment to talk about generosity. Actually, the generosity of spirit and compassion of the volunteers At Compassion Without Borders…an organization solely dedicated to relieving the suffering of unwanted companion animals in Mexico and other low resource regions through international rescue efforts and extensive spay/neuter campaigns. I know this first hand because five years ago I was truly blessed to have Chula enter my life. Chula had been suffering on the streets of Mexico City living on a gnarly hot flat concrete roof of a house having just been thrown out of a third story window after just giving birth to her first litter of four puppies ….even though she was just a puppy herself. Chula, literally broken and dying, was found by Juan Ramon Cambler and Christi Payne. They and other volunteers at Compassion Without Borders tirelessly nursed Chula back to health and found her a loving home with me. As it turns out, I am truly the lucky one.

Compassion Without Borders is certainly on a MISSION: An all volunteer, grassroots non-profit that works to bring about humane reform for the animals of Mexico through spay and neuter, humane education and outreach, international rescue efforts, and humane euthanasia programs.
So yes, I am completely grateful for not only their generosity – but for the generosity that I know is within you to help keep these efforts going. I urge you take some time to read more about Compassion Without Borders because I know you too will be inspired to act compassionately to help the countless dogs who literally cannot help themselves.

Please go to and shine some light.

Most gratefully,

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