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SAN FRANCISCO – Want a piece of the $120 Billion dollar pet industry? Who you gonna call? Blue Rocket Sales! Over the past seventeen years, Blue Rocket Sales has navigated through the tremendous retail growth of pet fashion and accessories, assisting dozens of select pet boutique owners to start-up and go! The brainchild of retail veteran Camilla Vitale, Blue Rocket Sales tackles this burgeoning pet industry with an intimate knowledge of the marketplace and strategic expertise. This one-stop consultant and distributor can help you start a new pet business, or grow your existing business quickly and effectively.

“As this industry continues to grow and prosper, it is increasingly important for both manufacturers and new or existing pet boutique owners to seek out ways to leverage their success in a marketplace that’s getting more crowded” Vitale said, “and I have proven over and over that a distinctive brand armed with the right concept, inventory and store planning is the only way to rise above the fray”.

Blue Rocket Sales offers full-service management, brand marketing, store design and inventory planning designed to streamline the business process. Vitale’s extensive industry experience in marketing, manufacturing, graphic and apparel design will save storeowners time and money by eliminating costly mistakes. Services provided include
strategies for developing brand recognition, private label products and sales development training. Blue Rocket Sales can assist a business from concept through store opening, and beyond. Four years ago, Blue Rocket Sales joined forces with Ronis Brothers, the second largest fashion mannequin company in the world. Prior to this collaboration, Ronis Dogs (dog mannequin division of Ronis Brothers) created dog mannequins that were used solely as props. For example, Burberry’s dog mannequin was made in their classic plaid fabric and Victoria’s Secret was made in their signature pink dot fabric for display windows nationwide. Vitale, a Fine Arts major, utilized her knowledge of the pet industry and developed the first dog mannequin to accomodate standard-sized
dog apparel and accessories. This mannequin, called “Chula”, was developed in 2004 for Nordstrom, and has been on display in a variety of high-end department stores and boutiques, including Juicy Couture, Macy’s and Neiman Marcus. Vitale designs and creates dog mannequins customized to meet the individual standards of specific brands requirements, including variations by size and breed.

Testimonials continue to pour in from around the world about
how Camilla Vitale and Blue Rocket Sales have fueled the success
of many pet businesses. Roe Astuto, owner of Lush Puppy in the
Mandalay Bay Hotel on the Las Vegas Strip says, “With my limited experience in
both the pet and retail world, Camilla was integral to my launch and the ongoing
success of my store,” says Roe, “with almost three years under our belt, Camilla’s
passion and progressive ideas have never waned…in fact, I am no longer surprised to
find emails from her about my business in my inbox at 6 AM that were written while I slept!”

Pet Industry Statistics

The pet industry continues to grow at an unprecedented rate, with spending almost doubling over the past ten years to $120 Billion projected for 2017 (versus $23 Billion in 1997). According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the pet industry in now the seventh largest retail segment in the country. Pets can be found in more than 63% of all U.S. households. Currently, it is estimated that there are over 88 million cats and 75 million dogs owned in the U.S., more than enough for at least one to live in every home in America.

About Camilla Vitale

A seasoned marketing and retail professional, Camilla Vitale touts over 25 years of eclectic experience across a variety of industries including Pets, Cosmetics, Photography, ExecutiveManagement, and six years devoted to helping the poor as a volunteer in Bosnia, Jamaica and Appalachia. In the 1980’s Camilla was a sales and marketing executive for Estee’ Lauder and Lancome, where she was responsible for marketing, promotions and sales training. After six years of volunteer work from 1990-1996, Camilla became the executive assistant to Tom Lubinski, Founder and CEO of the SL Corporation, a company that provides business information software that delivers mission-critical information to decision makers of Fortune 500 Companies. With keen instincts, an entrepreneurial spirit, and a passion for animals, in 2001 Camilla was drawn to the potential of the rapidly growing pet industry. Given her marketing, sales and design background, Camilla focused her efforts to join together all her skills and passion to create a platform, Blue Rocket Sales, to grow businesses in the fashion and accessories segment of the pet industry.

Camilla also manages the modeling career of Chula, her five year-old Chihuahua, adopted out of the slums of Mexico City. Chula is the inspiration for one of Blue Rocket Sales’ best-selling mannequins, and is about to make her third appearance on the runway at Pet Fashion Week in New York City. Chula has also been the inspiration of various artists in the industry including Sherry Lawler Sparks (www.thepaintedmural.com), Myunghye Kim (www.paperrussels.com), and Anne Davis (www.annemadecards.com).

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